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February 14, 2012

Concealed Carry, Featured

20120213-210038.jpgWe’ve been getting backed up with You Can Carry’s website the last few months–there’s been a lot of changes with reciprocity and a lot of submissions to our directory that we haven’t been able to stay current with. Yesterday I spent the entire day, and a chunk of today–and I’ll need several more work stations just to get caught up. While we’re getting caught up we’re also updating how we’re managing both the directories and the reciprocity maps which should make it easier to manage. As a part of the updates to the directory the listings will look better and we’re also exploring having featured listings on other pages of the site that get more traffic than the directory pages which will allow increased visibility for class, range, and shop. We hope that these updates and changes will give you a better experience with You Can Carry.


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