You Can Carry Shirt Giveaway

February 20, 2013

You Can Carry

You Can Carry Shirt DesignWe want to thank everyone for the ideas for the new You Can Carry shirts. We have completed the design and we want to give some shirts away!  Our printer, At Cost Apparel, has agreed to send a shirt to those that submitted a design idea, but also to an additional 15 supporters of You Can Carry.


All you have to do is “like” At Cost Apparel” and “You Can Carry” on Facebook and leave a comment on this post indicating that you have entered the contest. Make sure to include your email (or another means of contacting you so we can let you know if you win).

And if you would like additional entries (3 possible bonus entries) you can do any or all of the following:

1. Follow You Can Carry on Twitter

2. Follow At Cost Apparel on Twitter

3. Leave a comment on this post indicating what your favorite carry gun is (or what you would like to carry if you do not have a permit)

Leave a comment on this post for your initial entry. Also leave a separate comment for each additional bonus entry indicating which entry you completed (for a total of four possible entries).  The contest ends this Sunday February 24 at 11:59 pm MST. We’ll randomly select 15 people on Monday and then contact them to get their size and address, then send them the shirt. Simple as that. Thanks for all of your support!


Rob is the Founder, Editor, and writer for You Can Carry. He became interested in concealed carry, self-defense, and emergency/personal preparation as he got married and had his first kid. His new-found desire to protect his family and keep them safe led him to getting a concealed firearm permit from the state of Utah, which began an increasing love for firearms and concealed carry. He is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor. Connect with Rob on Google+

92 Responses to “You Can Carry Shirt Giveaway”

  1. Andrew Says:

    M&P Shield 9

  2. Aron Says:

    Walther PPS .40 or XDS .45

  3. Ted Says:

    Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry ll always

  4. Kris Eidson Says:

    I carry and just entered to win a You Can Carry shirt. Let people know they can carry, protect yourself while you still can.

  5. Kris Eidson Says:

    Glock 19 it’s always ready to go!!!

  6. Teresa Hight Says:

    I carry and just entered to win the You Can Carry t-shirt. My favorite is my compact XDM .45.

  7. Tory Worstell Says:

    I just entered to win. My favorite carry is my Ruger LC9 IWB.

  8. adam Says:

    I just entered to win. i carry glock 23.

  9. Ashley Hiott Says:

    Im in… Thank you

  10. Ashley Hiott Says:

    Im in… Thank you… I would like an FNP 9mm one day

  11. Tyler Says:

    Liked both FB pages! I carry a Glock 19.

  12. Jeff Says:

    Springfield 1911

  13. Jay Pearson Says:

    I would like to be entered in the contest!

  14. Jay Pearson Says:

    i carry a Taurus Pt140

  15. Jay Pearson Says:

    followed you can carry on twitter

  16. Jay Pearson Says:

    I follow At cost Apparel on twitter

  17. samuel groves Says:

    Count me in.THANKS
    I like to carry a smith and wesson m&p 40 cal.

  18. Keith Says:

    liked and shared for the shirt contest nice shirt… only wish I could carry here in cali…

  19. Andrew Says:

    I’m in! I already liked your Facebook and I liked At Cost Apparel. I carry a Glock 26. Love the T-shirt design!

  20. MaxEffectUSA Says:

    S&W MP9

  21. Mitchell Says:

    Totally entered! I don’t have a carry right now but I’m looking at getting a Springfield XD-9

  22. roger Says:

    Im in . I liked at facebook and cost apparel. I carry a 38. Love the T-Shirt and i want one pleaseeee!!!!!

  23. Ed Roth Says:

    I’m entered and posted o. Page I hope I win

  24. Josh Says:

    Beretta PX4 Storm compact

  25. adam Says:

    I just followed you can carry on twitter.

  26. adam Says:

    I just followed at cost apparel on twitter

  27. adam Says:


  28. larry Says:

    I am an American,I was born FREE,I will live FREE,or i will die FREE!!!

  29. Mitchell Says:

    Followed you guys on Twitter.

  30. Stephen A Says:

    Purchasing a Springfield XDs .45 soon. Getting my CHL in April.

  31. Tim Powell Says:

    I have entered!

  32. Michael Sterling Says:

    I’m in!

  33. Michael Sterling Says:

    Favorite carry? Colt New agent (SOB) & P226 shoulder.

  34. robert lucas Says:

    I have entered!! I hope to win the shirt looks great 🙂

  35. chris cline Says:

    ruger lc9 loced and loaded!!

  36. ron w Says:

    Great site and everyone should carry a gun. Stop the dirtbags from invading our great country, no matter what Obama says

  37. Dirty Brown Dog Says:

    I hope that someday Maryland will allow carry. You can only apply now if you have a documented assault on your life. (WTF?) So I guess only after you been shot at and they leave a note with their name and reason why they shot at you can someone apply. With the shirt if I won it, I could at least show support for it being permitted to protect you when it happens apposed to after the fact.

  38. Tedd Harris Says:

    Entered! I carry a Kimber Custom TLE II, .45, locked and loaded IWB all day every day. Be Prepared!

  39. Alfred Ramos Says:

    I just entered to win the contest. My favorite carry is a Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Tactical Carry 5″ Model.

  40. Shelly Says:

    I entered for a free tshirt!

  41. Shelly Says:

    .380 w/laser

  42. Shelly Says:

    Sorry, that was for favorite carry- .380 w/laser

  43. Ralph Burgart Says:

    Taurus Millennium Pro 9mm

  44. C-Bo Says:

    Liked both pages on Facebook. I carry a Springfield XD subcompact 9mm. Nice shirt design. I hope I win one!!

  45. Christine Luken Says:

    I followed you on Twitter and Facebook. I carry a S&W Bodyguard.

  46. Reebs Says:

    Just entered the t-shirt contest! I carry a SW 40 cal, hoping to pick out something here soon that is more compact to carry instead.

  47. Sarah C Says:

    Just entered. It’d be an awesome shirt to sport in CA…I always carry my glock 23, but a Kimber CDP would be Sooooo nice.–Hopefully soon…..

  48. james hughes Says:

    I entered the contest by likeing both pages

  49. james hughes Says:

    my fav carry gun is a .40 glock17

  50. Steve Says:

    Sig P226

  51. Keith Boynton Says:

    I hope that every person in the USA that loves this country will be ready to do battle to protect our Second Amendment rights. Obama and the Democrats are making an all out assault to take our guns from us. Please get involved in saving our country from being taken over by people who want to see the USA lose our rights granted to us under the Constitution.

  52. Ole Gunderson Says:

    I’ve entered and hoping for the win.

  53. Ole Gunderson Says:

    Favorite would be the Ruger SR22.

  54. Ole Gunderson Says:

    I’m following “You Can Carry” on twitter.

  55. Roger Says:

    I have a Kahr MK9. Just waiting for my permit to come in the mail so I can carry!

  56. Ole Gunderson Says:

    I’m following “At Cost Apparel” on twitter.

  57. Ole Gunderson Says:

    I’m liking “At Cost Apparel” on Facebook.

  58. Ole Gunderson Says:

    I’m liking “You Can Carry” on Facebook.

  59. Michael Says:

    I liked both the YCC and AC1 fb page!

  60. Michael Says:

    I am waiting for my permit and for the Springfield XDS 9 mm to come out but that is what I will carry.

  61. Renay Says:

    I’m entered to win! Glock 19 is my favorite so far.

  62. Michael Says:

    I started following YCC on Twitter

  63. Michael Says:

    I started following atcost1 on twitter. Bonus entries completed. I hope I win. Your shirts look awesome.

  64. Faith Schwieters Pederson Says:

    I have an NRA sticker and a 2A sticker on my car. My “Protected by Glock” vinyl is coming. I am damn proud to be able to carry in MN! And I want everyone to know it!

  65. Faith Schwieters Pederson Says:

    btw – I’m entering the contest! 🙂 I already liked you can carry on facebook. i know like the apparel site…heading over to twitter now! 🙂

  66. Faith Schwieters Pederson Says:

    And I’d have to say my favorite gun is my Glock 17, gen3. I’ve shot my husband’s Beretta. It shoots well. My Glock is my carry pistol. I would like a smaller one for carry tho.

  67. Karen Says:

    Raised in what the south calls the bottom. A gun in the corner of every room. Target shooting flying bats at dusk. Momma shooting through a screen door to protect her babies from no good for nothing intruders up to no good. I’m alive today because my Momma carried. You Can Carry too.

  68. Karen Says:

    I’ve entered the contest. Thank you & At Cost Apparel.

  69. Renee Shriner Says:

    I entered the contest. I carry a 357 revolver. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. W Hatfield Says:

    Really like the site, would like it better if I had a shirt to wear when reading it. 🙂

  71. Jeff L Says:

    Thanks for the chance to enter by liking both FB pages!

  72. Jeff L Says:

    Followed @YouCanCarry, thanks for opportunity to enter!

  73. Jeff L Says:

    Followed @AtCost1, thanks for opportunity to enter!

  74. Jeff L Says:

    Fav carry gun is a Glock23 hands down, thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  75. Rebecca Says:

    I want to carry a .38 special.

  76. Sarah C Says:

    Followed you can carry on Twitter

  77. Sarah C Says:

    Followed at cost apparel on Twitter.

  78. Amy G Says:

    Current carry: Sig P290….perfect size.

  79. Kelly Proffet Says:

    Yep I,m entered for the shirt.
    I love my RIA officers 1911 for daily ccw.

  80. Amy G Says:

    Also, both like on Facebook and following both on Twitter.

  81. Ralph Champion Says:

    Smith and Wesson Sigma 9mm.

  82. Ralph Champion Says:

    Following you both on facebook and Twitter.

  83. Kurt Lyon Says:

    Followed both on FB & Twitter. EDC Is my Glock 23 or my M&P Shield .40S&W

  84. Kara Says:

    I liked both pages on Facebook.

  85. Dusty Johnson Says:


    Colt Government .45

  86. Eric Says:

    My favorite carry gun is my S&W M&P40 Compact. Small gun, big bite! Followed both on twitter.

  87. JTLancaster Says:

    Kimber Classic Custom 1911

  88. JTLancaster Says:

    I just entered this contest.. Wish more people exercised their rights to carry

  89. Lance Melbye Says:

    I just entered the contest to win.

    Sprinfield xd 9mm sub compact

  90. Chris Hemesath Says:

    entered tshirt contest


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