ULTRA Model Concealed Carry Deep Conceal, LLC Holster Review

July 24, 2012

Product Review

Deep Conceal HolsterA couple of months ago I was given a holster from Deep Conceal, LLC to provide a review.  The holster is a deep concealment holster, called the Ultra Deep Conceal Holster, works as a shoulder holster designed to be worn under a button down shirt. I have tried out the holster several times now to get a feel for it under different circumstances including sitting for extended periods of time (including in a vehicle), standing and walking around for extended periods of time. I carried a sub-compact Springfield XD (3 inch barrel) in the holster with both a 10 round magazine and also a 16 round extended magazine in the gun and 0, 1 or 2 16 round magazines in the holster at different times.  I also carried a HK USP Compact .40 with 1 spare magazine at a different time. Both felt similar in the holster, which currently sells for $43.95 and can be found on their website: http://www.deepconceal.com/.

Bottom Line:

The holster is comfortable and securely holds the firearm. It is easily concealed (although a large magazine may cause a small bulge in if you have a tighter fitting shirt. However, I had a difficult time drawing the firearm quickly (especially because of the downward position of the firearm combined with how far back the firearm is placed from hand in the cross draw position) and it is also a very “outfit specific” holster. After a while I adjusted the height of the holster and that improved the speed and ease of drawing the gun. Overall, the holster can be a good option for those who wear dress shirts often and need a comfortable way to deeply carry.


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The Details:

As you can see, I can get my hand fully on the firearm, but under my trigger finger is a retention strap that I found difficult to remove quickly and smoothly while the firearm was in the “high” position.

The ordering process was simple. It was a standard online purchase process. The one aspect that should be improved is selecting the appropriate size of holster.  There is supposed to be a video tutorial but I couldn’t find it on the website as I placed the order.  The FAQ page did help me in choosing the proper size though. The package came quickly–I placed my order Friday morning and it shipped on Monday. The product came cleanly packaged and with appropriate documentation. It took a couple of minutes to properly put the holster on, get it adjusted properly, and holster my firearm the first time. They recommend inserting the firearm into the holster before you put it on your body. That normally is fine, but I do find that I may need to remove my gun from the holster and re-holster it every once in a while without removing my holster. The main reason for this is probably the biggest downside I see with the holster, which is that the firearm is set quite a ways back under the arm and because of the positioning of the gun in the holster it makes it hard to holster, un-holster, and handle while in the holstered position.  This makes drawing the firearm slightly more difficult. It takes a little extra work to remove the retention strap before drawing the firearm and getting a good shooting grip as you draw. What adds to the difficulty is that you are dealing with a few un-done buttons on your shirt (this is designed to be worn under a button down shirt so you’ll most likely be drawing through the un-done buttons on the shirt) which constricts your draw as well. Deep Conceal does also sell a “Fast Draw Shirt” that allows you to get to your firearm much more quickly than a standard button down shirt using velcro instead of actual buttons. This would increase your draw speed by having quicker and easier access to your gun instead of dealing with buttons. Originally, as I wore the holster it felt like this positioning would lead to a slow draw and potentially dangerous re-holstering. After wearing the holster for a while I adjusted the height from directly under my arm to lower against my ribs. This improved accessibility to the gun and safety in re-holstering. It didn’t change much in the way of comfort, but did add a small bulge because the fabric of my shirt was tighter at that height. Moving forward, I will wear the holster in this position unless I find a better adjustment that offers both quicker access to the gun, easy re-holstering, and better concealment. With practice, a quick and smooth draw could be developed in the higher position, but it seems unlikely that most people could draw extremely quickly the way it fit on me. Someone with longer arms may not have the same concerns or issues with it.

The original position where I tested the holster in the “high” position directly under my arm.

After moving the holster down to a lower position.

The holster is well made and from what I could tell made with quality materials. It is a pretty simple design and is quite comfortable, easy to conceal (unless you wear particularly tight dress shirts) and can be worn for extended periods of time without much problem. It would work well in a car where a standard draw can be difficult from a seated position.  In a hot climate it tends to add a couple degrees wearing this under your shirt, especially with quite a bit of contact that exists with your undershirt/skin. This is acceptable to me simply because if I can comfortably carry a firearm for extended periods of time that is more important to me than adding a few degrees to my outfit. And on this particular day it was pushing 100 degrees and I was walking around outside for close to 2 hours. It’s going to be hot regardless and a little extra isn’t a deal breaker.

The holster would do well for you if you need something that is deeply concealed, wear dress shirts frequently, and can sacrifice on the draw speed to get the extra concealment. Concealed carry is comprised of compromises, and depending on what is most important for you this could be a good option to consider. Let us know what solutions you have found to work for deep concealment.


Rob is the Founder, Editor, and writer for You Can Carry. He became interested in concealed carry, self-defense, and emergency/personal preparation as he got married and had his first kid. His new-found desire to protect his family and keep them safe led him to getting a concealed firearm permit from the state of Utah, which began an increasing love for firearms and concealed carry. He is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor. Connect with Rob on Google+


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