The decision to carry a weapon

When I made the decision to carry a weapon I didn’t realize that it was a decision to change my life. Many different aspects were changed that I never expected. From the clothes I wear, to the hobbies I enjoy, to my interest in politics–I was a changed person. My attitude was different. I was more aware of what was going on around me. Whenever possible I stayed away from places and people that I didn’t feel were safe. Watching movies was different (I started counting how many shots were fired in movies before the character had to reload or put myself in the characters positions to see how I would react). I changed other aspects of my safety. From locking doors to food storage to 72 hour kits to controlling my road rage as I drive. Carrying a gun is a life decision. It is not something to be taken lightly. You will be taking control of the safety of yourself, your family, and others who you may not even know. You will be responsible for your actions, whether good or bad. It’s a decision to take charge. In my case, it was a decision to be prepared for whatever may come as best I can. To protect my family from any threat and have the best tools available to work with.  It was a decision to be in charge–to be prepared–to be ready. It is a quest to take on life. And now it is a quest to help others to be ready for that decision and to begin their own quest. It is a decision that I am glad I made, but hope I never have to utilize. Something I want to be ready for, but never have to face. Like a seat belt, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, house alarm, bear spray, insurance, or emergency exit on a plane–I hope to have these things but never need them. I made the decision to be ready. To be prepared. To be armed.


Rob is the Founder, Editor, and writer for You Can Carry. He became interested in concealed carry, self-defense, and emergency/personal preparation as he got married and had his first kid. His new-found desire to protect his family and keep them safe led him to getting a concealed firearm permit from the state of Utah, which began an increasing love for firearms and concealed carry. He is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor. Connect with Rob on Google+

One Response to “The decision to carry a weapon”

  1. Esther Says:

    I totally agree with you! It really HAS changed your life, and my life for that matter… I’m glad it’s something you take so seriously. And I have to admit, I feel safer because of it and am happy with the other things you’ve become interested in because of it. Except for camping. We can skip that one. 😉