Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons at school?

August 21, 2008

Gun Rights

Texas is in the news about their guns

So the question comes up–should teachers be allowed to carry weapons at school. Obviously we are a little biased, but YES!

Some of the arguments aginst it: people think that students will attack the teachers to get the guns, teachers are untrained and will shoot an innocent person if a shooting were to occur, and it would detract from a learning environment.

First off, these are concealed weapons–the students shouldn’t ever know that the teacher has a weapon. Weapons are typically secured so someone unfamiliar with that particular holster could not just take the weapon out. And even if a student were to see the gun, if we are that concerned with all students just grabbing a gun and unloading it then we should have these kids in counseling instead of class. I believe that the majority of these kids are good people–they have a good intentions.

On the flip side–if there were a school shooting and anyone had something to help slow down or stop the attack I don’t see how it can worse than letting a psychopath run loose with a gun and nothing to slow them down. Even if an innocent person was shot and killed by the permit holder, I have a hard time seeing how that’s worse than that person being shot and killed by the gunman. It would be awful either way. But if it could end the shooting prematurely then it can’t be worse. Anyone carrying a firearm is responsible for being trained and capable of using that firearm. They have a permit issued by the state and have gone through any training the state deemed necessary.

We feel that even if just used for personal safety a citizen should be able to defend themselves at home, work, or school. Their life doesn’t lose value just because they work in a school setting.


Rob is the Founder, Editor, and writer for You Can Carry. He became interested in concealed carry, self-defense, and emergency/personal preparation as he got married and had his first kid. His new-found desire to protect his family and keep them safe led him to getting a concealed firearm permit from the state of Utah, which began an increasing love for firearms and concealed carry. He is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor. Connect with Rob on Google+



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