SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range Part 1

SHOW Show Industry Day at the Range 2015

IMG_0705I had the opportunity to attend the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range  this year and try out some of the new products being showcased. Now you can’t tell a whole lot about a gun with five or ten shots, but you can get your hands on it and get some initial impressions. The event is held at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City, NV, about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas. range is very large with about 50 ranges that include handgun lanes, rifle lanes out to 1000 yards, shotgun stations, and non-shooting exhibit tables and stations that can’t all be thoroughly covered in the 8 hours I had there. Here are some of the highlights:


Rock Island Armory “Baby Rock” M1911A 380

IMG_0698Rock Island Armory 1911-A Baby Rock 380A new option for those who carry a concealed firearm, this 1911 styled pocket pistol chambered in 380ACP holds 7 rounds with MSRP of $459. It feels meaty in the hands without feeling too heavy and carries the 1911 style and feel. It’s had a moderate felt recoil that was manageable and smooth.


Tracking Point Precision-Guided Bolt-Action .300 WM

SHOT Show Industry Day at the RangeTracking Point is a high end computerized rifle and optic system.  Many have the misconception that Tracking Point is an optic, but it’s actually a complete system which includes the rifle, optic, and even ammunition. To put it simply, you “tag” your target with the optic and then press the trigger. Once you do the computer will make calculations for the shot and adjust your reticle and when you line up the shot again the gun will automatically fire the shot.  For me, while I was getting used to it it took about 6-8 seconds to actually fire the shot (at 875 yards) but was much quicker as I got the hang of it and shot at closer distances (450 yard shot was 1-2 seconds of lag). They also have an app and glasses that you can use to see through the optic and record shots so you can have a spotter watching or you can simply have a video of your shot available. You can even use the glasses instead of the optic and get the same experience. They had two guns on display: the Precision-Guided Bolt-Action .300 WM and the Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 7.62. I shot the 300 WM and hit a steel gong at 875 yards on the first shot…which means that the gun works and is highly accurate. The price point for the gun is going to eliminate most people from adding it to their safe, but it’s a highly impressive piece of machinery. The two guns on display will cost you in the range of $13,000-$15,000. Personally, , but it is impressive to say the least. These two rifles aren’t new, but Tracking Point did say that they were working on a “338 TP” that would be released in the near future that would be capable of making hits at a mile. It won’t come cheap though as estimated retail price point will be around $50,000.


Target Vision

IMG_0716TIMG_0740arget VisionTarget Vision manufactures cameras and targets designed to help make your mid-long range shooting experience better. Their cameras allow you to see the target from your shooting location on a smart phone or tablet without needing a separate spotter or spotting scope or having to go downrange to inspect. When you combine that with their new target changer that will roll a new target wirelessly from your shooting position, the combination can make your long range shooting much easier. You can go downrange to set up your target and camera one time, then you can shoot as long as you’d like, and then go back down and pack up your camera and target and be done. You won’t have to go downrange at all during your shooting session IMG_0727and you’ll know exactly where your shots are hitting. One of the cool features is the camera will record a picture of the target before each shot and after and will alternate between the two images at the push of a button to help you locate your shot. You don’t have to remember every round on the paper anymore because you can compare then side by side.  When shooting longer ranges these products can make a world of difference for a shooter. The cameras retail for $595 (300 yard range) and $895 (for 1 mile range) and the target changing system is $1,995.

There’s more to come so stay tuned for Part 2 of SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range!


Part 2 : SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range [Video]–>


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