Concealed Carry Resources

Concealed Carry
Are you looking for additional resources to start or continue your quest for concealed carry information? We have found that there is so much information available, but that you need to know where to look and it can also be hard to sift through. You Can Carry strives to provide you with the best information and resources–and remember that the concealed carry world changes frequently, so check back often for updates and feel free to contact YCC if you have any recommendations–if it is something that we like and think our readers will like we will add it to our resources page.

Information and Communities:

-USCCA Weekly Newsletter and subscription

-You Can Carry Directories for CCW permit classes, shooting ranges, and gun shops in each state and state CCW Laws


-The High Road Forum


-John Lott “More Guns Less Crime” volume 3 by John Lott

-Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry by Massad Ayoob

-USCCA Concealed Carry Basics Volume 1 and 2

-USCCA Products by USCCA

-The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms by Stephen  Halbrook

Training Resources:

-107+ Handgun Accuracy Secrets by USCCA (Having a gun isn’t worth much if you don’t know how to use it. Get trained well.)

-Training “Blue Gun” used for safely performing training and drills

-Close-Range Gun-Fighting by Gabriel Suarez

Front Sight Training Resources:

-Front Sight

-Front Sight in Black Belt Magazine

-Ignatius Piazza

-Front Sight Blog

-Ignatius Piazza in Chicago Tribune

-Ignatius Piazza in Santa Cruz Sentinel

-Ignatius Piazza in Fort Worth Star-Telegram

-Front Sight in In the Mail on Sunday

-Front Sight in El Pais Semanal

Miscellaneous Resources:

-Brownells AR15 Training Videos Not for concealed carry but a great resource for AR15 rifles information

-Gunvault Handgun Safes Safely secure your firearm by your bedside or office with quick access

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