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What you should look for in a concealed firearm course

December 17, 2014


Many people think that all concealed firearm courses are the same. In the sense that the law only requires you to take a class from a certified instructor, then they are the same. But there’s more to it than that. Different instructors teach in different manners and they offer different resources so you could come […]

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Why Everyone Should Take a Concealed Weapon Permit Class

December 12, 2014


Obviously, as a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit instructor, I want people to take the concealed weapons class, but it goes beyond that–I think EVERYONE should take the class. Many people have preconceptions of concealed weapon permit classes. One common misconception is that the concealed weapon permit class is only for firearm owners and enthusiasts. This couldn’t […]

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Roadtrip: Tips for Traveling With a Firearm

August 15, 2014


Recently I completed a 5,000 mile road trip with my family traveling through 18 states over the course of a month. I took three handguns with me on my trip. One was my standard concealed carry handgun, one was another defensive firearm, and the other was for for hitting the range during my trip. As […]

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Reaction to George Zimmerman Verdict

July 15, 2013


As the George Zimmerman trial concluded and the verdict was announced “NOT GUILTY” I’ve been surrounded by people who are furious over Zimmerman being set free. From the beginning of the case I’ve been on the side of “innocent until proven guilty” and there just hasn’t been much evidence to convict Zimmerman–let alone enough to […]

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Carry Alerts iPhone App

May 17, 2013


Recently I was contacted by Ben who wrote an iPhone app to help those with concealed carry permits get notified when they are in close proximity of areas that they can’t carry.  He offered a copy for me to review so I have just downloaded the app, called “Carry Alerts” and I’m just starting to […]

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Proof That Anti-Concealed Carry Permit Holders Live In A Dream World

February 12, 2013

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Proof that Anti Concealed Carry Permit Holders Live in a Dream World Part 1

Over the last year or so I randomly see tweets and other status updates that say ‘Proof that concealed carry permit holders live in a dream world’ and then they link to this video.  I first saw this ABC News video a long time ago–it feels like a few years. I suggest watching it, but […]

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SHOT Show Firearm Announcements

January 15, 2013

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Glock and Springfield Armory Announce New Firearms at SHOT Show

Two big announcements were made for new firearms for concealed carry. First, Glock announced the new Glock 30S. It’s a .45 caliber pistol that uses the Glock 30SF frame with the Glock 36 slide giving 10 rounds while still maintaining a slimmer frame.   “The G30S platform has been more than a year in the […]

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Understanding the Gun and Crime Stats That Are Recklessly Thrown Around

January 14, 2013


Violent Crime Stats Breakdown

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre many, especially in the media, have started a full out war against the Second Amendment. Perhaps most vocal and outspoken of all on the issue has been Piers Morgan, the British CNN host. He has hosted numerous people including Larry Pratt, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, and others which in more cases than […]

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Kakadu Hoover CCW Jacket Review

December 12, 2012


Kakadu Hoover Jacket Featured Image

A couple months ago I reviewed the Kakadu CCW Satchel Bag.  I was very pleased with the bag and I am still using the bag today in place of my old bag. I’ve also been wearing the Kakadu Hoover jacket. I live in Utah where the weather changes frequently. It can be warm and sunny […]

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